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I work with IT customers and their suppliers to resolve disputes before litigation.

Sometimes you can buy an IT system and get less than you bargained for.

Rather than the shiny new IT system that you thought would deliver value to your business, you get something that doesn’t work, cost way more than you were expecting — or worse yet — gets mired in a “death march” of continually slipping deadlines and a piling-up of invoices.

Traditionally, customers who found themselves in the position of buying an IT system that didn’t work would take their supplier to court.

Oftentimes, the supplier would counterclaim against the customer, particularly if payments were being withheld until the system worked properly.

Litigating against issues with IT system delivery is always complex, involving hundreds of hours of billable time for the lawyers, taking months or sometimes years to go through the courts, and costing both sides (often) hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process.

There is no such thing as “simple litigation” when you sue your IT supplier for non-delivery of a working system.

But there is one huge problem with litigation – it doesn’t actually get you the working system that you want in the first place.

Even if you win, you might get your money back (if your supplier has the money to pay you), you’ve wasted years of time on the initial work, plus the time spent litigating, and after everything you still have to go back to square one to get the system you originally wanted.

I offer a different approach – I work with both sides to keep them out of court and, where it can be done, deliver a working system. This process is called “Technical Project Mediation”.

As I’m an IT consultant and not a lawyer, my fees are usually around 1/10th of the cost of litigation.

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Expert Assistance for Resolving Disputes and Getting IT Projects Back on Track

If an IT system has been delivered and is not working, or if an IT system is being implemented but is a “death march, there is a chance that it can be made to work. All that you have to do is get it over the line.

Our legal system in the UK is an adversarial one, where both sides argue a position and ultimately a judge will make a decision over which side is likely to be correct. The remedy that the courts can make is typically limited to making one side pay the other, which may or may not include costs.

For complex projects, the process of getting to trial takes 12-18 months, on top of the time you spent on the project prior to going to court. That is a tremendous amount of wasted time.

If the project can be made to function, it can be very difficult to get both sides working together again as the trust will almost certainly have completely broken down. It can also be the case that the supplier (or the customer) cannot see certain issues with the project because they have been mired for so long.

In both cases, what is required is a collaborative, mediated approach to getting the project to final sign-off.

This can’t be done with a good project manager as there will be deep seated technical and business process issues that are stopping the project working. It isn’t an administrative or management problem, this type of dispute can only resolved by bringing in a highly technical independent expert who remit is to get the project to sign-off and keep the parties out of court.

I have nearly 30 years industry experience working with companies deliver complex IT and software systems. Now I work almost exclusively on this form of alternative dispute resolution.

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The Core Services That I Offer

Technical Project Remediation

I work with both customer and supplier to actively avoid legal action by assessing and developing remedial action steps that can be taken on your project.

Expert Witness

If litigation is inevitable, I support you to get you the strongest possible position prior to litigation. Alternatively, both sides can engage me to deliver an independent report.

Consultant CTO/Fractional CTO

As a Consultant CTO, I work within your business as a part-time CTO supporting the IT strategy so that it creates genuine value within the business.

I have been working in the field of software engineering and IT for 25+ years. Now I help IT customers and suppliers avoid lengthy and expensive legal proceedings

I have a lifelong passion for software engineering, first learning how to program home microcomputers at age 8. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked for scores of companies helping them to deliver software excellence. I’ve co-authored half-dozen books on software engineering and business, and had the opportunity to write a column on computing for The Guardian.

Like any IT professional, I know that projects go wrong from time-to-time. IT projects are typically huge, complex beasts and it is, in fairness, very difficult to pull off successful execution every time, even for experienced and talented implementation teams.

Very few technical specialists focus on the sticky end of rescuing project failures or when a project cannot be rescued, helping both parties mediate a less "nuclear" solution. 

This is how I spend my days – helping IT customers and suppliers navigate their way out of failed and failing IT projects avoiding lengthy and costly proceedings in court.

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