Expert Witness Services

I am a software engineering expert with over 25 years of experience in the field of software engineering and I.T. I have extensive hands-on experience with large and complex I.T. projects and specialise in combining the building of software systems with delivering robust cyber security and strong commercial value for my clients and their organizations.

As an expert witness, I provide opinions on software engineering matters and general I.T. systems failure. I also assist I.T. customers and suppliers in navigating failed and failing projects, avoiding costly proceedings in court.

I have experience in technical project mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR), working on projects where an I.T. system is not functioning or is on a "death march". In particular, I am able to report in-depth as to the construction of the system outputs, quality of any input artefacts, and matters of execution conduct.

I have authored and co-authored around a dozen books for Wrox Press on Microsoft .NET, including “Beginning E-commerce” for Wrox Press in 2000, which became the 3rd best-selling book on e-commerce on Amazon at the time. I am currently working on a new book designed to help I.T systems customers avoid mistakes that often see the parties in court.

My CV is available on request.

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