Consultant CTO/Fractional CTO

As your business grows, you’ll eventually find that having IT skills in-house becomes crucial. Every large business has a Chief Technical Officer (CTO) that is chiefly responsible for IT implementation within the business, but SMEs often don’t have the budget for a full-time CTO.

A Consultant CTO – sometimes known as a “Fractional CTO”, or a “Virtual CTO” – is a part-time CTO that helps you make the right technology decisions, directing the implementation of IT so that it creates genuine value within the business.

I have 25+ years experience over which time I’ve worked with scores of businesses to help them deliver software excellence. I’ve co-authored half-dozen books on software engineering and business, and had the opportunity to write a column on computing for The Guardian.

I divide my practice between rescuing failed projects and delivering targeted IT solutions through my Consultant CTO/Fractional CTO work.

Over that time I’ve seen virtually every trend and fashion in IT systems delivery come and go giving me a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t. I have extensive technical and commercial experience working in the unique culture of UK-based midmarket/SME businesses in a mix of industries. My job is to support your business in connecting the business systems you have in a way that supports the digital strategy of the business in order to drive growth.

If you’d like to discuss with me how my unique skillset can help you deliver growth from a well-implemented IT strategy within your business, please get in touch.

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