Published 8 February 2023

Safeguard Your Associates-model Organization from Cyber Threats with Cyber Essentials and Mini Certification

Small organizations that rely on an "associates" model, are ncreasingly. However, with this model, these organizations usually into problems with IT governance
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Appreciating The Hidden Value in Amateur IT Systems

Let's take a look at the unique and often overlooked phenomenon of home-grown IT systems within businesses

Quantum Computing: The (Eventual) End of Online Privacy

Quantum computing means that any secret you're keeping is at risk of being made public in the future

What You, The Customer, Needs to Know About IT Project Pricing

Customers only get to see the end result of IT project pricing -- i.e. the quote and proposal. But if you know how the supplier comes up their pricing, perhaps you can get a) a better deal, and b) control project risk

Is Cyber Essentials Essential For Your Business?

Is it worth implementing Cyber Essentials in your business? We think so — and here's why

Ransomware As A Service: The Latest, Biggest Risk To Your Business

Ransomware is the one thing that keeps us awake at night — it’s getting easier every day for criminals to launch an attack on your business
Published 16 June 2021

A Quick Tour of Our Employment Contract

What happens if you use your employment contract to give more freedom to employees and bind the company into greater levels of commitment?
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A Tale of Two Kitchen Drawers

Two kitchen drawers -- one usually tidy, another usually untidy -- can tell us a lot about how IT systems work in our businesses

Software as Machinery

The way that we think about software can unlock how we think about it's application within our businesses

The Challenge of Antivirus for SMEs

SMEs should avoid retail antivirus products, but should make sure that they have "enterprise" solution in place

Filing Cabinets and Project Spaces (and Microsoft Teams)

It's a good idea to set-up you approach to collaborative working around project spaces

Everyone is 'going digital’, but just what does that mean? (2020 Edition)

"Digital transformation" can mean something very specific, and helpful, to the smaller business
Published 9 August 2020

The Difference Between IT at a FTSE 100 Business and at Your SME? Strategy.

Implementing an IT strategy is, at some level, just an issue of mindset
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Why Everyone Has an Issue with Huawei and TikTok (An Information Security Primer)

The issues around Huawei and TikTok covered in the press provides an opportunity for us to think about our own information security

The Myth of the Paperless Office

We'll always have a need to manage paper in our offices

Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Microsoft 365 and G Suite

Microsoft 365 is the Coca-Cola of the "groupware" world. Is there space for the Pepsi that is Google G Suite?

Keeping Your Business Safe With Disaster Recovery

Backing up is just part of the challenge of keeping your business IT running

Telephony and the Art of Talking

Telephone systems have always been an odd fit within the IT market. Might we prefer just to use Zoom instead?
Published 16 June 2020

Thinking Big With SharePoint

SharePoint is a weird product that nearly everyone uses, but no one really uses properly
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How Your Computer Set-up Affects Flow

Don't lean in to the compromises inherent in laptop design

Remote Working and Black Swans

The way that we work and our relationships with employees, suppliers, and customers has changed forever

Your “Data-Driven” SME

Every action within our business results in some data that can help us make better decisions

Optimise Your Growth By Transforming Your CRM

CRM is the one area that SMEs can invest in that really sets them apart

NAS Devices Are The "Kiss of Death" For Small Business IT

They were useful for a time, but now their time is passed
Published 8 April 2020

Email Hygiene is The Most Important Skill to Teach Your Employees

Secure your business more effectively with this one weird trick
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Preparing To Survive a Ransomware Attack

The one cybersecurity issue that can keep our engineers awake at night

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